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Through the Looking Glass

Here are the musings of the teams behind Underland Dev and Underland Events.

BASH Festival of Code 2019 Report

A couple of weeks ago we wrote up our highlights for BASH Festival of Code 2019. It’s a good summary for how we did and what we learnt. This is our full retrospective, which hopes to explain in much more depth everything we did well, and what we learnt...

Underland Events Team on Wed Sep 11 2019

BASH Festival of Code 2019 Highlights

Earlier in the month we ran BASH Festival of Code - a free, week-long coding festival for 13-17 year olds across the UK. It comprised of 5 events throughout the week (Monday - Friday) - 4 during the week in London, Sheffield, Southampton and Plymouth, and a weekend finale...

Underland Events Team on Thu Aug 22 2019

Changes to BASH Festival of Code 2019 - here's what's new

BASH Festival of Code 2019 is now just a few weeks away, and with that come some announcements of how we’re making the event more flexible to attendees based on feedback we’ve been given. As a reminder, BASH Festival of Code is...

Sunny Patel on Wed Jul 17 2019

You Got This 2019 Retrospective

It’s is almost a month since we ran the first You Got This — a conference aimed at juniors (developers, designers and other junior level tech folks) to discuss the non technical skills needed for a happy, healthy work life. We ran it because topics around ‘soft skills’ are often...

Kevin Lewis on Fri Feb 8 2019

Announcing BASH Festival

Today we’re announcing BASH Festival — a free week-long coding festival for 13–17 year olds across the UK. It’s specifically aimed at young people who have had some exposure to development or digital design in the past. How it’ll work During the week young people will visit one...

Kevin Lewis on Sun Dec 2 2018

Working with Copthall School to bring their STEM Programme to life.

Back in February, we had a meeting with one of my old teachers about a project they were working on at their current school and if we’d be able to help. Copthall School is a girl’s secondary school and sixth form (11–18) in London, where Poonam is heading up...

Kevin Lewis on Thu Sep 20 2018

3 months of Underland

Hello again 👋 As my soon-to-be wife aptly puts it, it feels both like a short while and ages ago. A lot happened since Kevin and I initially spoke about moving forward with Underland and it’s been a pleasant journey so far. From a personal standpoint, it’s...

Wilson Bolas Tolentino da Silva on Fri Sep 7 2018

How Underland use asynchronous communication

One of Underland’s core values is ‘be clear’ and I wanted to talk a bit more about what that means in the context of asynchronous communication. In today’s world, it might feel like everyone is always on and connected. Every message you send to someone surely must be greeted with...

Kevin Lewis on Sat Aug 25 2018

Why are we running a tech conference with no technical content?

In the past, both Kevin and I have organised a fair number of tech events, from hackathons to conferences, and we realised that, while technical content at these events was quite abundant, there was a lack of resources on the skills that require emotional labour. These skills are critical...

Wilson Bolas Tolentino da Silva on Fri Aug 17 2018